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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Goals, Not Resolutions

Hi everyone.
B. A. Binns here, back doing my January stint with my fellow genre-ista's.

I hear that 20% of all New Year's resolutions are broken in the first week. But not mine, because I stopped the madness of resolutions long ago. But I firmly believe in making plans and measurable, achievable, outcome-based goals. And I know there is value in writing those goals down, so they stare at me in the face every time I want to slack off.

I have two outcomes I want to focus on for 2013. I want to push my platform and get more books in the hands of readers who need them.My platform has two planks. Multicultural YA books featuring a diverse cast of characters, and reaching out to so-called reluctant readers and their teachers. In 2012 I established AllTheColorsOfLove press. This year I will use my company to reach new readers.

My 2013 Goals:
  1. Publish Being God, my Young Adult follow-up to Pull. It is in the final stages of editing and will be officially published on Feb 1.  But I am actually launching it on Sunday, January 20.  The book's protagonist, Malik Kaplan, is a teen alcoholic, and his father an ACOA (Adult Child Of Alcoholics) who has to learn how to be an effective parent. Main character has a problem with alcohol, and his family has a problem understanding how to cope. So I thought it fitting to offer the book as a door prize to a group dedicated to helping family members in similar situations. On January 20, the DesPlaines Il chapter (#162) of Families Anonymous will meet at the basement of Holy Family Medical Center, holding an open meeting which means anyone is invited. Members of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) will be there to share their story. And some attendees will be given copies of Being God. If you are in the Chicago area, feel free to stop by at 7:30 pm on Jan 20. Anyone may attend this meeting, and you might be lucky enough to win!!

  2. Make presentations at schools, libraries, and conferences about multicultural literature and the needs of reluctant readers. I have agreed to present at the Virginia Hamilton conference on multicultural literature in Kent, Ohio in April (so I need to get off my duff and put the finishing touches on the presentation handouts) and at the American Library Association meeting in Chicago, Il in June. Take a look at the YALSA wiki. The Attracting Reluctant Male Readers session belongs to me and my partner Jim Klise, another YA author.

  3. Finish editing and publish Damaged Goods, my 2010 RWA Golden Heart © contest Finalist in the now defunct Novel with Strong Romantics Elements category. The hero is a killer and the heroine a former sex worker so I couldn't really call it a romance, could I? Especially since she wants her mother's forgiveness and he wants her mother's dead body.  I intend to have that in my editor's hands by June and so AllTheColorsOfLove can publish it before the end of the year.

  4. In order to reach out to more reluctant readers, I will participate in the International Book Giving Day on Feb 14, when I will give copies of all three books to the Denney Juvenile Justice Center School in Washington state. I have set up funds under AllTheColorsOfLove to donate books to other institutions, inner city schools and libraries who want them at no cost, so if the facilities request books, I will work to make it happen for them. If you know of any candidates, have them send me an email at ATCOL@babinns.com

  5. Stretch goal (something my former job taught me), finish Minority of One. Mo1 is the third novel in my Pull series. I am having a lot of trouble smoothing out the ending, but I would love to have that puppy in an editor's hands by the end of the year.
I consider 2013 my "wicked busy" year. And if you want to share, either a goal or a resolution, just make a comment. I would love to hear about any of your plans. 

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Mindy Hardwick said...

Thanks so much for giving copies of all three of your books to Denney Juvenile Justice Center!

I know the kids will appreciate it!


Judith Ashley said...

My goodnes, B.A. - you've a Busy year ahead of you but one that looks to be fulfilling.

What was the impetus behind starting your own publishing company instead of just self-publishing without it?


Sarah Raplee said...

B.A., I so admire the way you have identified your writing/publishing niche and found ways to reach your potential readers!

I'm curious: Is Jim Klise your partner in ATCOF as well as in presenting workshops?

think I'll go check him out online. :)

B. A. Binns said...

Mindy, I wouldn't have known about them but for you. I am sending copies to all four pods, so everyone there will have a chance to see the books. if they like them, I am hoping the School Program Supervisor will recommend them to the In The Margins Committee of library services for youth in custody http://www.youthlibraries.org/margins-committee

B. A. Binns said...

Judith, a number of things went into the decision to be a publisher as well as author. With my first book I realized that a lot of the promotion I was doing benefited my publishing house more than it did my name or brand. I was going through the effort, but Westside books was going to be the memory. By having my own imprint, I am the one remembered no matter what, either as B. A. Binns, author, or as All The Colors Of Love publisher, or even as Barbara Binns, private citizen (and the name I will use for my adult books like Damaged Goods) I want my publishing company listed in Bowkers Books In Print with the company contact information, not CreateSpace. Yes, it is more expensive and more time consuming, but I decided this was a good path for the future.

With my own ISBN I get to go directly to bookstores and wholesalers who will not (at least not yet) do business with Createspace. I have signed a contract with one wholesaler and am offering my own discounts to libraries and schools. And I get my logo, not the CreateSpace logo, on the backs of my books.

B. A. Binns said...

Sahah, Jim is a friend and my partner for the ALA presentation. We're talking about male reluctant readers and I thought it would be a good idea to partner with a male author/teacher. For now, ATCOL Press is all mine.

Sarah Raplee said...

That was good thinking on your part. Totally makes sense.

Judith Ashley said...

I didn't know that some distributors did not take on Createspace printed books. There is So Much to Learn and Know when going in this direction. Thanks for sharing!!!

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