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Friday, January 11, 2013

Gratitude is an Attitude

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Gratitude is an Attitude

When I worked, I often listened to talk radio host Dr. Laura and she used to say, “Gratitude is an Attitude”.  When something goes wrong in my life I repeat those words to myself.  It helps dispel the depressed feelings and set my keel on a different course.  One can wallow in self-pity, but what’s the point?

Happiness is not found in the material objects we accumulate, money or our jobs, but rather in strong, healthy relationships , romantic and platonic.  Women more than men seem to thrive best with a large circle of caring friends.  I know my friends old and new mean the world to me.  Even my electronic friends I’ve never met in person.  It means a lot to share in their achievements, give kudos for a job well done, and support when they're having a bad day.

I feel the joy of life comes from the small things.  A cup of coffee with a friend at the local book store, my husband braiding me a leather hat band for my favorite old cowboy hat, seeing on the loop that a friend has published her first book, or another friend had a successful surgery!

picture by Yurii Bezrukov from the Ukraine
So celebrate those small moments of Joy.  Watch the sunset on a cold winter’s day and look at the beauty of it, don’t wish it wasn’t so cold.

When you live far away from family as I do, instead of being sad, Skype and write letters to the Grandkids.

My most cherished letter came from my granddaughter Sophia, 7 years old; it ends with her writing, “I’ll always love you, love, Sophia.”  That letter has brought me more Joy than I can express.  Every time I read it I get a tear in my eye and I feel happy and loved.  The letter hangs on my bulletin board.

Can’t go on that big European vacation this year?  Do a Stay-cation and enjoy sites close to home and be joyful you didn’t spend an arm and a leg to get there.

Tired of cooking the same old thing?  Pull out a cookbook or go online to find a new recipe and be joyful you can afford to buy food.

My five joyful moments this past month are:

1) Receiving a Sponge Bob Square Pants thank you post card from my friend’s sons.  This made me laugh and brought back memories of reading “Sponge Bob Square Pants” books to my grandkids.

2) ) My husband surprising me with that braided hat band.  It took some work on his part, very special.

3) My grandson Erik texting me thanks for his birthday present and that he misses us.  Made my day!

4) Attending a Christmas get together with my central Oregon writer friends at Paty’s house.  Laughing and enjoying the company of those wonderful ladies!

5) Bringing Mom home from the hospital, so she would be home for Christmas.  Very joyful indeed!
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My promise to myself this year is to enjoy the small moments in life and hike on down the road to happiness!

 After all, “Gratitude is an Attitude”.

What are some of your small joyful moments?


Sarah Raplee said...

Great post, Diana!

Some of my small joyful moments include sitting quietly petting my old, beloved dog, Penny; enjoying the sounds and scents of the woods outside my door; laughing with friends and family; building block towers with my grandbaby; and spooning with my husband in bed.

I am truly blessed!

Sarah Raplee said...

I forgot to say than you for reminding me!

Diana Mcc. said...

I've found that pets always seem to bring joy, even the pet volunteers at the hospital where I volunteer! And Your old girl, Penny, is extra special. Like you, I've been enjoying the brisk clean smell of the winter here in central Oregon, and checking for deer and rabbit tracks. You reminded me about the great outdoors and thank you for that!

Judith Ashley said...

Great post, Diana. Every morning I write out the 10 things I'm most grateful for and each night I think back over my day and pick one thing for which I'm most grateful.

Last night it was I had lunch and spent quality time with an old friend I hadn't seen in too many months! This morning my list included having Sarah as my blog partner; being able to spend a quiet day; having time to call a long time friend and just be with her (even though it's on the phone); having my short, short story finished and up on our Free Reads site - nothing earthshaking. I end each list with the following: With all my heart I thank The Universe for surrounding me in the light of love and gratitude so my life is full of joy and happiness.

Staying focused (most of the time) on the positive and what I have control over helps we move through the doldrums and negative events in life.

Anonymous said...

Well said and definitely true. I believe that each day we get up and have a choice. We can choose to be happy with the day and look forward to what it will present us. Or we can choose to awake with an attitude that we will get screwed once again (and not in the fun way). I always choose to awake and count my blessings and expect something wonderful to happen.

Karen Duvall said...

Wow, Diana, what a great post! You remind me of so much I'm grateful for. It's always the simple things in life that seem to matter most.

Watching my pets play always makes me laugh and they're a constant source of entertainmnet. Walking my dog and playing "snowball" in the park is a real pleasure. Compliments about anything brighten my day. And sweet unexpected gestures from my husband make me smile for hours. Of course I love getting calls from my kids. Spending time with friends is a super mood booster, too. I could go on and on, so yeah, there's tons to be thankful for.

By the way, I loved having tea with you and Sarah and Steph at Townsend's Tea today. I needed to get out of the house. Thanks so much for picking me up! See you again soon! :)

Cathryn Cade said...


How right you are! Gratitude truly is a choice, and we make it with each new situation.

It's 10 degrees cold here in Montana, with snow on the ground. After a long walk to the mailbox with my husband and youngest son, the warm house felt really good, and the smell of fresh pumpkin bread was wonderful.

I'm grateful to have the chance to spend some time with my Mom here, and to write full-time. I don't know how my venture into self-pub + writing for my publisher will go, but I'm so lucky to have the chance.

Thanks for the valuable reminder.


Marie Harte said...

What a terrific post, Diana! I'm grateful to have had tea this morning with my wonderful friends. :) You always have a smile and make me feel better about things. I'm grateful every day for living in Bend, but I think it's as I've gotten older that I learn to appreciate more. When you can have it all taken away so easily, you learn not to take anything for granted. So thank YOU for reminding us all. Great post. And you brightened up my weekend.

Diana Mcc. said...

Judith I really like your idea of listing 10 things you are grateful for and then at the end of the day listing one thing you are most grateful for. Thanks for commenting!

Diana Mcc. said...

Maggie-that is a wonderful way to start your day by counting your blessings.

Cathryn-spending time with mom is so important and a wonderful reason to be grateful.

Diana Mcc. said...

Karen and Marie- You brightened my day too. I will definitely write in my journal that I am grateful for tea with you both and Sarah too! Thanks for being my friend!

Suz said...

It's the little things that make life wonderful! And maointaining an attitude of gratitude makes it easy to appreciate the small things in life.

Thanks, Diana, for reminding me.

Sue Swift/Suz deMello

Diana Mcc. said...

Thanks for stopping by Sue! I sure am thankful for all my Sacramento Valley Rose Friends!! Happy New Year!