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Friday, May 10, 2013

Celebrating Romance and Other Genres

By Diana McCollum

I want to take this opportunity to celebrate ‘Romancing the Genres Blog’. 

Judith and Sarah, our blog queens, have done an awesome job with ‘Romancing the Genres Blog’. 
We are so fortunate that the blog queens continue to come up with new innovative ideas to draw in more reader, and continue to support our writing. 

For instance, last month on the weekends there were guest authors who wrote sports romances.  Personally, I have never read a sports themed romance or even went out of my way to check those books out at the store.  Through the blog, I’ve learned that I would/will probably enjoy those stories.

So thank you Judith and Sarah for all you do.  For giving up your time not only to monitor the blog, but for giving up your writing time to meet for four or five hours and brainstorm on a regular basis.  You’ve grown our readership by leaps and bounds.

I want to celebrate my fellow bloggers. 

I’ve learned something new from each and every one of you.  I’ve learned that Australia had the same problems as America during the Vietnam War.  I’ve learned so much about different writing processes I’ve learned there are diamond mines in Canada, I had no idea!  Women’s fiction and Military Romance are two genres I now plan on reading thanks to our master bloggers.  Historical stories can vary so much, from paranormal Native American books to sweet westerns to Regency books.  I’ve found out that Steampunk, Sci-Fi and YA are genres I want to read.  And have read some since being introduced to those genres through ‘Romancing the Genres’.

Celebrate romance; reading and books in general, let’s celebrate this blog “Romancing the Genres Blog.”

So thanks to each and every one of you!  You’ve broadened my horizons and I am thankful for being a part of this group. 

What kernel of knowledge have you gleaned from reading blog posts on Romancing the Genres?


Judith Ashley said...

Like you, Diana, I never knew there were diamond mines in Canada (thanks, Madelle). I've learned lots about Australian history thanks to Margaret Tanner. Because of Mae Pen, I've read some Steampunk short stories on the Free Reads site. And those are the things that easily pop into my mind. Oh yes, I've learned so much about promoting from Kris Tualla (Norway is the new Scotland).

While it is true Sarah and I do the planning, without each and every Genre-ista and Contributor, we'd be nowhere near as successful as we are.

Thanks for the 'thanks', Diana and back at you...

Maybe I need to stop by again and include the things I've learned from the other Genre-istas. No playing I think of each person something pops into my mind! So, more later...

Sarah Raplee said...

Where to start?

I learned that, as writers, we can change people's lives from B.A. Binns, who writes amazing urbanYA stories that appeal to even the most reluctant male readers.
I learned how to find trustworthy Beta readers from Bronwyn Evans.
I learned about the suicide crisis among returning soldiers from you, Diana.
More tocome...