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Friday, March 7, 2014

Your Name in Lights

By Judith Ashley

When I was growing up, I didn't like my name.

Why, I would asked in a whiny voice, wasn't I names Elizabeth, the most beautiful name (at least to me) instead of Judith. My mom would answer with "everyone was naming their daughter's Elizabeth. We wanted to be different."

However the year I was born they were not naming their daughter's Elizabeth, they were naming them Judith. All through school and into the workplace I've shared my first name with at least one other and usually two or three other Judy/Judith/Jude/Judy A/etc.

What made matters worse?
When I was older I'd toss into the heated exchange with my mom. "Your middle name is Elizabeth," said in an accusatory tone.

Then one day in high school, I started in once again with the same old complaint. My mom answering with the same old answer "everyone was naming their daughter's Elizabeth".

For some reason, my mom added "I can see your name in lights on a theater marquee."

Even though she could "see" it, I couldn't. My name was never in lights on a theater marquee. However, when I decided to write romance novels I could "see" my name on the cover.

And now so can you!

You can learn more about The Sacred Women's Circle series at


Sarah Raplee said...

Loved your story about the origins of your name! Can't wait to read the books of the Sacred Women's Circle!

Judith Ashley said...

Thanks, Sarah!

Robin K. said...

Your name looks lovely on the book covers!!! I like the balance of first and last names plus the movement created by the "swirls" and "loops". Congratulations on these.
Your friend,
Robin (Elizabeth) Kramme

Vonnie Alto said...

Your mom was forward thinking. She knew what she was about when she named you Judith.When your name is on a book cover, it's marqueed there.

What beautiful book covers for your series. Also, congratulations on your anthology!

Vonnie Alto said...
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Judith Ashley said...

Always knew there was something Very Special about you, Robin - actually there are many things and now I can add one more - your middle name!

Judith Ashley said...

Thanks, Vonnie - my covers are the creative work of Christy Caughie of Gilded Hearts Design.

Karen Duval did the Anthology cover. Two very talented ladies!

My mom was forward thinking in many ways and also a "product" of her time. She was fortunate to have a like-minded group of women as friends so she had a place to belong.