07-14-18 Cassandra O’Leary

Thursday, December 15, 2016

2016 Life Lesson

As 2016 ends most people are reviewing the year counting the milestones they past on their journey. I had ‘great’ plans…goals…sub goals…a focus word. I was gonna rock 2016. Well then life boldly strolled in and promptly smashed all of them. But somehow, I’m here and while not everything was accomplished given life’s cork-screw roller coaster, I did good.

My main goal was to reinvent myself – and oh boy did I. I was thinking of my writing career, life decided every area needed some fine tuning.

Here are my top three life lessons, I learned in 2016….

1.    Not every story is meant to be written by me….I started the year with a story that had awesome characters. A solid plot. Subplots that would engage the reader and move the characters toward an amazing ending… I tried all year to write this story…never could get past page 5. I tried every method of brain storming, planning, non-planning, and NOTHING. The fact is this isn’t my story to tell. And that’s key in so many ways to other areas of my life. Not every problem is mine to fix.

2.    The second and almost as profound of a lesson as #1…when doing a google search for a crock pot recipe, the ‘r’ in crock is soooooo verrrrrry important! *still twitching*

3.    Doughnuts are a necessary part of my life. Yes they are unhealthy globs of dough…that make me smile. Bring me comfort when life is spinning way too fast. And I’ve found nothing that taste as good. I tried to give them up in September….this was hands down my most unsuccessful endeavor of the year. Because for me life isn’t worth living if I can’t have one unhealthy glob of dough a week.

I’d love to hear what you learned this year. Did you achieve your key goals? What is your one ‘guilty pleasure’, your doughnut?


Maeve Greyson said...

Oh my! I nearly spit out my coffee when I read the "crock pot" recipe search dilemma.

I'm still working at surviving 2016. It's been a humdinger of a year!

Awesome post--kind of makes you think back over the year and count your blessings. :-)

Sarah Raplee said...

#2 was hilarious!!! We've all had a similar experience searching online.

My guilty pleasures are Ethiopian coffee and dark chocolate. Sooooo good! I've had the same writing goals for two years. Almost there on the Big One.

Diana McCollum said...

I did get my Novella "The Witch with the Trident Tattoo" up on Draft to Digital. Started my new novel, but did not get very far along. Due to personal stuff happening and having to be dealt with. #2 was very funny! I did something similar when searching for a job. The site was either Monster Job or Monster jobs. one was xxxx rated.

Judith Ashley said...

Lyncee, LOL!!! #2 will stick with me for a long time...I think my Biggest Lesson is around Technology. I found my tech learning process last month and it has decreased my stress level 1000% or more. And, I learned it much faster than I did my writing process. My biggest achievement was publishing the last two books in The Original Sacred Women's Circle series. Still have the print version to get out there but I met a long time goal when I finished the series.

Barbara Rae Robinson said...

Love your number 2!

I learned to finish drafts. I have complete drafts of the first three books in my series. All I need to do is another edit pass of each, then decide what kind of editorial input I need. 2017 is going to be a very good year. Three indie published books as soon as everything comes together. I also need covers.