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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Serendipity Series Surprises by Magdalena Scott

“Ha-ha. That’s so far-fetched! It could never happen.”

Each book in my Serendipity, Indiana sweet romance series ends with a surprise that concrete thinkers will write off as outlandish coincidence.

But serendipity happens in real life. You’ll see it if you look for it. Here’s how happy surprises popped up as I wrote this series. (I had a plan when I wrote Book 1. Really, I did.)

Readers of Book 1, SMALL TOWN CHRISTMAS, wanted to know more about the baby-sitter who had a car wreck.

Thus, Book 2, EMILY’S DREAMS.

Book 3, CHRISTMAS WEDDING, just sort of happened, because, well, wedding! (Also, snowstorm!)

Book 4, THE BLANK BOOK, went as planned--a re-write of one of my early works. But this time instead of just writing about a heroine who was a widow, I was an author who was a widow. Revisiting those raw feelings was hard, but I hope it enriched Alice’s second chance paranormal mystery romance. (Yep, it’s all those things!)

THE RING, Book 5, started out as a road trip tale but morphed into a story about Carla, a highly successful businesswoman who needs to forgive herself.

In Book 6, THE ROAD NOT TAKEN, Francie stars in a tale of a marriage that is struggling, but--spoiler!--survives. (The original idea: after a divorce, she moves cross-country, and discovers secrets about her past, plus a new love.)

A PIECE OF HER SOUL, Book 7, went as planned. (How very odd.)

Book 8, ONCE UPON A TIME, evolved deliciously even though I didn’t foresee it as part of the series. The heroine of that book, Taylor Kincaid, has a twin sister, Hannah.

Hannah stars in A COWBOY FOR CHRISTMAS, Book 9. (This time, everything went as I planned, and Hannah gets the surprises.)

For Hannah Kincaid, it was love at first sight when she met Jacob Hollingsworth, the handsome co-owner of Serendipity’s new (and only) dude ranch. When she lost her job at the Standish family’s Christmas Tree Farm, Jacob’s sisters hired her at the Rocking H. Sure, she’s afraid of horses, but she’ll overcome all obstacles to achieve a goal. The unexpected arrival of Jacob’s bossy brother Michael turns everything at the Rocking H on its head--including Hannah’s plans.

Michael Hollingsworth was summoned to help his siblings in their fledgling business. He immediately sees a problem: their only employee is incompetent in her work, crazy about Jacob, and...completely enchanting. How can Michael prepare the ranch for the change that’s brewing, when Hannah Kincaid’s big blue eyes and uncompromising determination keep messing with his focus?

I’m super thankful for the circuitous route through nine Serendipity, Indiana stories, and thankful to those readers who finish one book and grab the rest of the series.

My plan is to end here, with Book 9. But guess what--I’m open to happy surprises!

Until we meet again, happy reading!
Magdalena Scott

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Magdalena Scott said...

I'm delighted to be a guest today on your wonderful blog. Thank you so very much for the opportunity!

Melanie said...

I have to say, it is exciting to know this author personally. I am expecting the last five books for Christmas from my family to complete the series!

Judith Ashley said...

Welcome Magdalena! Thanks for sharing how your series developed. A bit of "serendipity" never hurt a good story especially when those stories are set in Serendipity, Indiana!!!

Magdalena Scott said...

Melanie, wow, thank you so much for coming over to the blog today! I really appreciate your requesting Serendipity books for Christmas. I hope you'll enjoy them. :D

Judith, it's a treat to be here on your blog. I appreciate your hospitality so much!