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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

The Importance of Laughter, Humor, and Showing Joy … by Delsora Lowe

Between winter isolation and the way of the world, it seems there hasn’t been a lot of laughter in our lives. But, if you look closely, you can find joy and humor around every corner. And…we know where that leads. LAUGHTER! Or at the very least some big smiles.
April starts out with a cherished “holiday” in my family. April Fool’s Day was my dad’s favorite. He always played a joke on the family. Not one of those elaborate, heart-stopping, jump out of the closet types of jokes, but a crazy pun or an exaggerated declaration that would always catch us off guard. And have us believing him. He loved his puns and play on words. The joke never lasted long, because he was famous for laughing at his own jokes, before we ever realized his declaration was a joke. Maybe he loved April Fool’s Day, since he was an April baby. So, thinking of laughter and jokes, as I write this, makes me sad that he passed away eleven years ago, right before his ninety-second birthday. Although, now I envision him up in Heaven playing jokes on his twin and two other brothers, and my sister, and my favorite aunt, and my grandparents. And then they’ll all laugh and toast with a shot of Scotch.
But back to earth… In my neck of the woods, April can be the beginning of an early spring, with flowers pushing up through the decomposed leaves I haven’t yet had time to rake off the beds. Or we can have a nor’ easter roar up the coast and dump a foot of snow. At this time of year, snow melts fast, so spring storms are definitely blips on the radar screen. One more thing to laugh at or to feel joy about is that the melting snow, like April showers, brings May flowers.
Springtime is a time of renewal. For the writer in me, it WAS (scratch that) IS (trying to be optimistic) 😊 also a time to look forward to writing conferences where I can renew the well of inspiration. There is nothing like gathering in person to hug your writer friends who you haven’t seen in a year, or learn new writing and marketing skills in a workshop, or dine together with old and new friends, chatting it up about both personal and professional lives.
Alas, that in-person comradery is long overdue, after all the cancelations of the past few years, and more for this spring and summer. But I can remember the joy and laughter and banter from in-person meetings. And with hope on the horizon, I know those, too, will return. This Fall?!?!?

In the meantime, there has been no lack of “gatherings” with ZOOM and Skype and Go-to-Meeting and all the other venues for “in-person” communication. These vehicles might not be the same as in person, but we still have the joy and laughter and learning experiences. Now to look forward to the hugs and dinning together that are missing from the on-line communication.

Remember…LAUGHTER is important, anyway you can get it.

~ Laughter is and always will be the best form of therapy ~ Audrey Hepburn
~ A day without laughter is a day wasted ~ Charlie Chaplin
~ When they say laughter is healing, it absolutely is the truth ~ Katy Sagal
~ Laughter is an instant vacation ~ Milton Berle
~ The person who can bring the benefit of laughter into the room is indeed blessed ~ Bennett Cerf
~ Hearty laughter is a way to jog internally without having to go outdoors ~ Norman Cousins
~ Laughter is a sunbeam of the soul ~ Tomas Mann

Do you have a favorite LAUGHTER quote? Or story?

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So true. It's been hard to find, but worth the persistence. Great post!

Maggie Robinson said...

I actually had to write in ALL CAPS FUN!!! HUMOR!!! on a notepad next to my computer. The more I wrote, the further I seemed to me straying from fun for me and fun for the reader. It's been a slog, even though I have so many things to be grateful for. Here's hoping we continue to find the fun and humor in every corner they're hiding.

Deb N said...

Thanks for stopping in Jennifer. Thanks goodness for on-line gatherings. It is what has gotten me through this year. P.S. I wrote this blog before the nor'easter decided to hit us last week. I hope this post wasn't a jinx :-) Hope to see you in person SOON!

Deb N said...

Maggie - I hear you on everything being a slog this year. I was finally jumping back into having fun with writing, but BOOM - the last few weeks are now back to slogging. It is getting old. GREAT IDEA on writing "have fun" and "smile" and "laugh" in BIG LETTERS by the computer. I think that new pack of colorful sharpies will come in handy when I make my "joyful" signs. Can't wait to see you in person. But fun to see you on ZOOM!

Judith Ashley said...

Loved the Norman Cousins quote. It was the one that I laughed at. And I totally agree that this has been a challenging year...a quote I heard this morning is a slightly yet totally different way of looking at a saying many of us know. Instead of "Everything happens for a reason" the wording is "Everything happens so we can find meaning." Those words have been tumbling around in the back of my mind today. What "meaning" have I found in my life, in my work, in my relationships, in my ??? this past year? Still sorting it out.

Deb N said...

Love the "finding meaning" twist on a saying that all of us say repeatedly. Yes, our lessons from our life's happenings should result in finding meaning. The Cousins quote is so true. When you laugh out loud with abandon, it is exercise (both literally for our lungs, our body) but also for our mind - to jog us back into a happy, joyful, meaningful space. Thanks for your thoughts on happiness, laughter and meaning of life, Judith.

JudithArnold said...

Love the quotes--especially the Tomas Mann one!

Alice Rosewell said...

I loved the reminder of the importance of family traditions. We've missed an 18th birthday, a 30th birthday, our Xmas family party, a graduation celebration and many other events over the last year.
Time for me to start organising a Summer Party I think.

Deb N said...

Judith - yes, a good laugh goes right to the soul of any problem. We've all needed a ton more laugher this past year just to get through. What I miss most about hanging with others in person.

Deb N said...

Alice - a summer party sounds wonderful. Gathering with friends and family has been the thing I have missed most in the last year. Can't wait to see my grandsons this summer - there will definitely be cookouts and a lobster feast in my future :-) And a lot of LAUGHTER! Enjoy your next party!